Our first product in the e-mobility space - Rentel eBikes Smart Management System. It is fully modular and scalable and can be adjusted to your needs and integrated into your existing software. Whether you are an eBike manufacturer, eBike rental company or an individual eBike evangelist , do not hesitate to contact us. Read here more about Rentel successful launch.

The key benefits for using Rentel are :

  • Proprietary PCB
  • GPS
  • GPRS
  • accelerometer
  • bluetooth
  • standalone battery
  • frame integrated
  • CAN bus integrated


  • Shake/unauthorized movement detection 
  • Lock/unlock ebike functions
  • Anti-theft protection (detect and disable motor)
  • Realtime error monitoring (low battery, device malfunction) -
  • Power saving modes (sleep, deep sleep) with several wake-up sources (display button ON/OFF, shaking, mobile app) 


  • Live location tracking and protocolling
  • Geofencing
  • User Account Management
  • Android 7.0 mobile app