Boat Protection

We create a digital map with all danger zones (rocks, cliffs, shallow sands, no-go zones).
A device with a loud buzzer is installed on  each boat and will beep when a tourist enters a danger zone.


Besides the danger zones the boat owners adds points of interest - bars, beaches, ancient remains, etc and easily share them  with the tourists via the BoatAngel navigation app

Fleet Management

The BoatAngel devices continuously send important information from the boats to the cloud. The boat owner can view statistics about routes, miles driven, rent periods from the mobile phone or PC at home.

BoatAngel IoT device

Specially designed for the needs of the Rent-a-boat business - water proof box, integrated SIM card, status LED, backup battery, easily replacable buzzer and water proof connectors. Installation cable with fuses is provided too.  BoatAngel devices can be installed without any tools or special equipment.

BoatAngel devices provide boat protection even when offline, due to the integrated smart syncronisation with the BoatAngel server. 

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Internet of Boats is HERE!

As a rent-a-boat manufacturer you have the chance to bring yacht technologies to your boats and bring your boats to the era of digital assets. Provide your clients with the latest digitalization solutions based on IoT.